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The Alchemy of Money for Franchisees:

On-demand coaching and wealth-building program

Join the first ever course on wealth-building designed specifically for franchisees. You’ll get every tool you need to move through your roadblocks, make sense of money, and set up systems that will build you real wealth.

The best financial investment you can make is an investment in yourself.


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Brandon’s Alchemy of Money program literally made me an extra $100K last year in my business. This is by far the best investment I’ve ever made, and my business and my bank account have grown more than I ever thought was possible for me.”

Margaret Babbington
Senior VP
Compass DMV 

This one-time investment in your financial future gives you UNLIMITED access to:

10+ hours of lessons, tutorials & expert interviews

35+ pre-configured spreadsheets & formulas to accelerate your growth

Exclusive content from a select group of world class experts

Monthly Q&A calls with Brandon Green

Worksheets and summaries to help you digest the material faster and take action right away

Step-by-step guide to help you reach all four key milestones to building wealth. (This isn't magic: you'll get an actual checklist to help you build sustainable wealth.)

Actionable coaching to help you analyze data, improve your profit margins and launch your investment plan

Self-paced material, so you can work through it on your schedule. (No drip content here...You’ll have access to absolutely everything from the moment you first join.)

Exclusive content from a guest line-up of world class experts, accountants, attorneys, and financial planners

Everything you need to build wealth, as a franchisee

“This course gave me a great overview – along with detailed, actionable steps – for documenting and maintaining both my business and personal finances, growing and maintaining wealth, and protecting all of my assets.

Leah Cole
Licensing Instructor

Brandon Green is an internationally recognized expert on balancing success and purpose, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create possibilities & build wealth.

As a serial entrepreneur himself, he is best known for founding and growing one of the nation’s most successful real estate organizations, in the midst of the financial crisis of 2008, with sales now exceeding $2 billion annually.

Along with being a proud husband and a devoted cat dad, Brandon is the founder of Chapter2Ventures, which focuses on investing in innovative people and organizations that seek to make positive change. The robust holding company operates several high-impact businesses in the United States, including a financial literacy initiative, investment fund, and luxury hotel brand.

In this course, Brandon teaches everything he has learned on the topics of finance, analysis, profitability, and investment, bringing in a guest line-up of world-class experts including accountants, attorneys, financial planners and top-performing entrepreneurs who will pull back the curain on "success" and share actionable strategies that will allow you to start building sustainable wealth today.

Building wealth can feel impossible

Wealth-building is an abstract topic that can mean different things to different people. It can be unclear what to do to start, and even more unclear how to build a sequence of steps that will take you where you want to go.

If you’re…

• Unsure how to start and what to do next,
• Getting lots of advice but don’t know who to listen to,
• Overwhelmed with the risks, emotions, and unknowns around wealth,
• Making good money but not achieving your financial goals, or
• Lacking the systems to understand your financial life

…then read on, because The Alchemy of Money is for you.




You need a trusted plan that you can follow

The Alchemy of Money is designed to give you a comprehensive, step-by-step, sequenced plan that will take you from where you are now – no matter which stage of Alchemy you’re in – to where you want to go. 

This unique, context-based approach to wealth-building is why 73% of surveyed students saw their profit margin improve within only 9 weeks.

With this course, you’ll…

• Learn how to keep more of the money you’re currently making,
• Develop a plan to follow, customized to your needs,
• Gain the ability to evaluate your current financial position,
• Uncover the hidden obstacles that are holding you back, 
• Expand your investment possibilities, and
• Finally get your financial life organized for success

“This course lit a fire under me to get my documents in order. It made me realize I have been running my business on luck; my business planning has lacked the financial data that is necessary to make a true business plan.”

Kirsten Williams
VP/Managing Broker
TTR Sotheby’s International Realty


Learn how from an expert in wealth-building

They say that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, and the second-best time is now. Well, that’s true for wealth-building too. Did you know that you can completely turn your financial life around in as little as FIVE (5) years?!

The Alchemy of Money will give you a plan to do just that. It will also give you the ability to execute on your plan. You’ll be able to sleep better at night, when you think about money and your finances, confident that your goals are not just achievable, but finally within reach. 

The Alchemy of Money Includes…

50+ Video Sessions

More than 10 hours of lessons, tutorials & expert interviews

35+ Templates

Downloadable templates, spreadsheets and formulas you can start using today

Downloadable Worksheets

Worksheets and summaries to help you digest the material faster and take action right away

Expert Interviews

Exclusive content from a guest line-up of world class experts, accountants, attorneys, and financial planners

Coaching from Brandon

Exclusive monthly group Q&A calls with Brandon Green

Extra Bonus: Business Hacks

Bonus Bundle: Brandon’s personal business hacks

Extra Bonus: Taxes

Bonus Bundle: Everything you need to know about taxes

Risk Free

Try it out, risk-free, for 14 days

You’ll reach all 4 milestones on the journey to wealth-building success

 Milestone 1

Building Your Financial Systems

 Milestone 2

Analyzing Your Financial Data

 Milestone 3

Improving Your Profitability

 Milestone 4

Designing & Launching Your Investment Plan

The best financial investment you can make is an investment in yourself.


Unlimited Access. Zero Monthly Fees.

Try it out, risk-free, for 14 days

“This course is phenomenal. It has helped my husband and me in so many ways, both business and personal. We’ve made so many changes in our business because of it, including opening an investing holding account and increasing our rental portfolio. I highly recommend taking this program.”

Katie Womble
Morgan Womble Group
Keller Williams Realty

“Building wealth is abstract, what are MY next steps?”

While much has been said on the topic, in can be hard to figure out what you actually need to do to start the journey to building wealth. 

And because wealth is so difficult to define, so individualized, thought leaders and “financial gurus” rarely put sufficient effort into defining what being wealthy even means, let alone how to create a plan and achieve it. Intentionally or not, it’s left ambiguous and abstract.

In this course, Brandon takes you through the foundational steps to not only understanding your financial situation with pinpoint accuracy but setting a baseline for yourself in order to make realistic projections of what wealthy can mean for you, given your specific situation. 

From there, he’ll guide you, step-by-step, as you create an achievable wealth-building plan, custom-fit for your life.

Understanding what you need to do, and what wealth means to you is so important, as Anthony learned while he was going through the course…

Anthony’s Story

I wasn’t sure how much I had in my nest egg, but I felt reasonably comfortable it was around $1M. 

I’d been saving for years, investing in this and that, and figured it was probably coming together nicely for me. I didn’t have a financial advisor, because I thought it would probably be too expensive, and followed more of a DIY model. 

Imagine my surprise when – prompted by The Alchemy of Money to dive into my financial details – I found I actually had just under half of that amount, adding up all my accounts and assets! 

At first it was depressing, and I really wished I’d checked sooner. But once I got my head around it, I started to feel motivated because now I knew where I really was financially, and could make decisions based on truth. I had finally looked at the details and faced the reality of the situation. 

Now, with Brandon’s help, I have a plan to move forward and feel confident the results will be much better going forward.

“I’m not looking for inspiration,

I want to take action”

You might get a lot of advice on the topic of building wealth, maybe you’ve read a lot of tips, but you can never tell what’s worth listening to, what’s worth actually putting into place for YOU.

Reading books and listening to podcasts can feel like doing something, but they lack context and won’t give you a plan.

Private coaching can be a good add-on to a well-developed plan, but it misses out on the foundational pieces and can be prohibitively expensive.

Unfortunately, the search for wealth building resources uncovers a whole host of “surface level” gurus who, when it comes right down to it, don’t actually tell you anything actionable. 

It might be fun, or inspiring, to hear all about the guy who made it big on Facebook’s IPO. But what does that mean for you? What can you do with that?

The truth is, something like five out of the hundreds or thousands of investment opportunities that happen every year actually matter. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are just that, and there’s no guarantee that your lifetime will even include one.

And that’s ok. Because you don’t need those to achieve sustainable wealth. It is absolutely possible for you to become a multi-millionaire (think $5-10 Million) using vehicles that are accessible to all.

In fact, another title for this course could be, “How to be a millionaire without a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity.”

Because you’re entering into this conversation about wealth with your own unique level of sophistication and your own specific situation in mind, it can be really hard to find the right resource for you.

You have to match the resources and advice you follow to your actual needs.

As an entrepreneur, you’re often left with the difficult task of triangulating the relevant information you get from all the different areas of expertise you come across.

Each expert has their own perspective, focused on one aspect of wealth, leaving you to cobble together a DIY strategy that you think will work when put together…but you can’t be sure.

What you actually need is a comprehensive, well-rounded perspective on all aspects of money and wealth-building. And that’s exactly the need that inspired the making of this course.

Which is why it was such a good fit for Susan…


Susan's Story

I was looking for a financial coach who could help me make some decisions about where I might invest and signed up for an online guru who had a pretty impressive story. 

After buying his main offering, I was hooked up with some guy who was constantly late to our calls or needed to reschedule and he kept giving me “advice” that wasn’t actionable at all. 

The only thing I could glean from the “program” were some tips from his social media page that to me seemed highly speculative and non-actionable, as well as ideas about how I needed to “think bigger.” 

Meanwhile, I decided to try a few things myself, only to lose a bundle during one of the many Bitcoin collapses. 

I guess I just wanted to get ahead to where I thought I should be and thought that maybe there were some short-cuts I could take. 

And then I found Brandon’s Alchemy of Money and realized, ‘nope, no short-cuts’ (bad news). But I also came to see that growing my net worth was very doable with a longer-term horizon, some patience and a plan (good news). 

Now I’m on track, taking specific action, and loving watching the needle of my net worth (finally) move.

“If I’m good at making money, why aren’t I hitting my financial goals?”

The topic of wealth, or money, can be overwhelming. 

It can bring up emotional issues, relationship issues, trauma and old programming. It can be taboo, too private, or embarrassing to talk about. Maybe you don’t want to feel ‘less than’ or maybe you’re scared of sounding braggadocious.

Whatever it is that’s holding you back from building wealth has to be dealt with if you want to make any progress. And that can sometimes mean having uncomfortable, but necessary, conversations.

Sometimes, it can be a simple lack of financial systems, leading to an unclear sense of what’s going on in your financial life. Or it can be something deeply complex – like understanding, planning for, and paying your taxes.

Other times, it’s just that the industry itself is confusing. How do you know when it’s time to bring in help? Do you need to have a whole team? If so, who do you need to have on your financial team? And how can you be sure they have your best interests in mind?

The bottom line is, there are risks associated with making decisions to build your wealth, and it can be hard to understand, fully, what those risks are.

Take the case of Mark, who was living in constant overwhelm because of those risks…


Mark's Story

Truth be told, I was embarrassed and ashamed. While I was seeing great success in my business, what few knew, and what I didn’t want to admit to myself, was that I was desperately behind on my taxes. 

It started with one bad year and snowballed from there, escalating to multiple years. Before I knew it, I was completely overwhelmed. 

I hated picking up the mail, waiting for another dreaded notice from the IRS, which created other debt problems for me (because I just didn’t want to deal). 

Eventually though I got just enough courage to seek some advice and see how I could take some next steps.

Luckily, I found Brandon.

While The Alchemy of Money is not a tax course, it does help you see how taxes play a role in the bigger picture of building wealth. And more importantly for me, it gave me the overall confidence I needed to take that important next step to building up my own financial wellbeing. 

Fast forward several months and I’m now in an agreement with the IRS to pay the back taxes, the tax lien has been lifted and I’m under contract to buy my first home.

I can’t believe how quickly I was able to start seeing changes.

“To grow your wealth and protect it you must educate yourself… Take this course, it will open your mind to what you need to know to help set you up for success.”

Nathan Daniel
Coach & Author

Redefine how you look at wealth, in both your personal life and your business

Keep more of your money

Learn how to keep more of the money you’re already making so you can start building your net worth, almost immediately.

Evaluate your financial state

Gain the insight you need to evaluate where you are now, financially, and understand what that means about where you’re going.

Develop a customized plan

Create a comprehensive, step-by-step, sequential plan that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Uncover your roadblocks

Discover the hidden obstacles that you didn’t even realize were hindering your progress and set about removing them completely.

Expand your possibilities

Find out about investment options, opportunities, and strategies that you might not have come across or considered before.

Organize for success

Get the systems, resources, and reporting in place that will set you up for a brighter financial future and more peace of mind.

Remember that testimonial from way back at the top of the page? Well that was from Margaret, and here’s a little more of her story…

Margaret’s Story

It’s nice to be inspired and feel good about your future potential when you take a great class about money or scroll through a list of guru’s tips on social media. 

But most inspiring content isn’t particularly actionable. And while I’m a big fan of metaphors to get me thinking about concepts I need to improve on, the reality is I don’t do much with it unless I can see clear next steps to move me forward toward a specific goal. 

That’s what The Alchemy of Money did for me. 

Now don’t get me wrong, the course is inspiring – and Brandon is charming and entertaining – but that’s just the icing on the cake. 

What makes his course really work is how he builds a sequence of steps, starting from the very elementary, all the way to something much more advanced, to ensure we have actionable, implementable, things to do along the way. 

I know what my concrete baby steps need to be and have the confidence to know, it’s on me and I can do this. 

I’ve already seen a 10% improvement of my profit margin in only a few months. I’ve increased my total profit by $100,000 and added fully 15% to my net worth, just by buying some assets I didn’t previously think I could afford.

Now’s the best time to start building your wealth

Why now? Because we’re at an economic inflection point, where people who execute the kinds of wealth-building strategies we’re talking about in The Alchemy of Money will pull ahead. And those that can’t, or don’t, will be left behind.

The pandemic we’re all living through, coupled with the various capital initiatives that governments around the world have deployed, have given people a lot of options – some good, some bad. 

Changing demographics, a radical shift in how we work, live and play, and the evolution of technology – creating massive opportunities while destroying others – mean that this is a particularly important time for people to get ahead of the game.

Businesses and entrepreneurs who can navigate change and take decisive action stand to do very well. And that’s why the timeless knowledge you’ll get when you join The Alchemy of Money is also very timely.

More than 50 videos to help you reach the 4 key milestones on your wealth-building journey:

Money psychology, accounting software, financial reports and more

Finding roadblocks, understanding margins, how to pay yourself and more

Calculating value, protecting your business, smart budgeting and more

True net worth, investment strategies, protecting your wealth machine and more

Here’s what’s inside The Alchemy of Money

1.0 Psychology of Money
1.1 Course Orientation
1.2 Clarify Your Financial Goals
1.3 How to Avoid Common Financial Challenges
1.4 Choosing Your Business Entity Type
1.5 Bank Account Configuration
1.6 Accounting Software
1.7 Your Chart of Accounts
1.8 Common Mistakes with The Chart of Accounts
1.9 Build Your Financial Dream Team
1.10 Refining Your Financial Dream Team
1.11 Master the 7 Financial Tools for Success
1.11A Personal P&L Report
1.11B Business P&L Report1.11C Accounts Payable Report
1.11D Accounts Receivable Report
1.11E Cash Flow Report
1.11F Business Balance and Personal Balance Sheets
1.11G Net Worth Statement
1.12 Prepare to Analyze Your Reports
1.13 You’ve Reached Milestone #1 – All your financial systems are in place

2.1 What’s Getting in The Way of Your Profit?
2.2 Improving Your Profit Margin
2.3 Paying Yourself
2.4 Reviewing and Analyzing Your Reports
2.5 Your Financial Systems Are Set
2.6 You’ve Reached Milestone #2 – You can analyze your data with ease

3.1 Cash Management
3.2 Calculating Your Company’s Value
3.3 Safeguarding Your Success: Business Protection
3.4 Budgeting
3.5 Master Your Psychology of Money
3.6 You’ve Reached Milestone #3 – You’ve increased your profit margin

4.1 Your Net Worth
4.2 Ready to Invest
4.3 Investing: Qualified vs Non-Qualified Assets
4.4 Investing: Residential Real Estate
4.5 Investing: Commercial Real Estate
4.6 Private Investing
4.7 Investing: OPM (Other People’s Money)
4.8 Your Investment Map
4.9 Wealth Protection Plan & Estate Planning
4.10 Refining Your Wealth Machine
4.11 You’ve Reached Milestone #4 – Your investment strategy is in place

Taxes 1: Top Questions to Ask Your CPA
Taxes 2: Think like a CPA: Maximizing IRC 199A Deduction
Taxes 3: Think like a CPA: Employing Family Members
Taxes 4: Think like a CPA: Worker Classifications
SME Expensing Hacks: Expense Like a Pro

Hack 1: Auto hacks bonus
Hack 2: How do I get paper bills to my bookkeeper?
Hack 3: QuickBooks snapshot hack + Panoramic camera for longer receipt
Hack 4: The world of financial planning – Choosing a financial advisor
Hack 5: Getting on the same page with your significant other
Hack 6: Working well with CPA/Bookkeeper types (behavioral profiles) 
Hack 7: Telling your story to an Underwriter when you’re trying to get a loan

Here’s what people are saying about The Alchemy of Money

Katie Womble
CEO, Morgan Womble Group w/ Keller Williams, Raleigh, NC

“It will help you build all the systems you need in order to build real wealth in your business, personal life, everything.“

Wayne Salmans
Ranked among the top 1% of realtors

“No one had taught me how to think about or handle money.“

Sven Andersen
Andersen Group Realty

“Absolutely transformative.“

Vlad Kats
Co-Founder, Thrive Real Estate Network

“Brandon makes it clear how to keep as much of your money as possible“

Brandon T. Adams
TV Producer, Serial Entrepreneur

“This helps me put a foundation in place to plan for the future.“

Ready to take your wealth-building to the next level?

If you’re ready to stop wasting your time and effort on unproven, often incomplete information, and start following the only comprehensive, step-by-step guide to wealth-building for entrepreneurs, then The Alchemy of Money is for you.

You’re one click away from getting access to every tool you’ll need to finally move past your roadblocks, make sense of your money, and set up systems that will build you real wealth.

Remember, the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.

$2,999 Limited time pricing.

Start your 14 days of risk-free access today

“To grow your wealth and protect it you must educate yourself… Take this course, it will open your mind to what you need to know to help set you up for success.”

Nathan Daniel
Coach & Author

“This all sounds GREAT, Brandon, but I do have some questions…”

What is The Alchemy of Money?

The Alchemy of Money is a step-by-step guide to wealth-building, designed specifically for entrepreneurs. 

Throughout this incredibly thorough, highly detailed course, Brandon Green will guide you – at your own pace – through the 4 key milestones on the journey to building wealth: 

1. Building your financial systems, 
2. Analyzing your financial data, 
3.  your profitability, and 
4. Designing & launching your investment plan.


When does The Alchemy of Money launch? Do I have to join today?
If you’re reading this, The Alchemy of Money has launched! You can sign up right away.

You don’t have to join today (and if it’s not right for you yet, you probably shouldn’t join today). In addition to all the coaching you need to start building wealth right away, The Alchemy of Money course also gives you access to our community and exclusive investment opportunities. Simply put, if this is something of interest to you, don't delay. Your future self will be thankful you took action today.

Will I get to connect with Brandon?
Yes. Every month, you’re invited to join Brandon on a live Q&A call.

You’ll be able to get feedback on your progress, ask whatever questions you have, and touch base with Brandon and the growing Alchemy of Money community (more about that below).

The plan is to keep this little diamond of a course up and running “forever”, as the information is and always will be both timely and timeless. And your one-time investment gives you unlimited access.

What time/day are the monthly Q&A calls?
We may adjust the timing of these calls as the course progresses, based on your needs and the needs of the community. Dates vary and are announced in advance in our private community group.

Is there a community? Do I have to be on Facebook?
Yes. And no. That is, there is an Alchemy of Money community, and part of it includes access to an elite private Facebook group of high-performing entrepreneurs like yourself. But you don’t have to be a member (or go on Facebook at all) to get the full benefits of either the course or the community.

A large part of the community aspect of the course will be the people that meet regularly on the monthly Q&A call with Brandon, which will take place over Zoom and have nothing to do with Facebook whatsoever.

How long will it take to finish the course?
When we’re talking about wealth-building, we’re thinking about the next 10, 20, 30 years of your life…maybe more.

The Alchemy of Money includes 20+ hours of content, when you add together all of the core and secondary material. And each piece corresponds with you taking concrete action in your real life. Depending on how quickly you want to progress, it could take years to finish – and that’s ok!

The downloadable templates, spreadsheets, and formulas can make a massive difference to your capacity for wealth-building right away. But some of the concepts and sequences will necessarily take time to implement, with slow and steady growth being part of their design.

The idea with this course is that it becomes your permanent partner for building wealth. We envision it being something that you come back to again and again, over time. 

As you grow and change, and the world grows and changes with you, your circumstances will change too. You’ll move between the different stages of alchemy, and different aspects of the material will be more relevant to you at different times.

Wealth-building is a life-long pursuit. That’s why your one-time investment gives you unlimited access to the materials.

How long will I have access to the materials?
As long as the course exists, you’ll have access. Your one-time investment gives you access to all of the materials and content in The Alchemy of Money, including any updates or improvements we may make to the course in the future.

The step-by-step approach to building wealth that Brandon outlines in this course is not going to go out of date. It is both timeless and timely advice, and we anticipate you coming back to the course again and again as you grow and your wealth builds over time. 

I just started my business, is this for me?
If this is you, congratulations! You’ve just started down a path that can be incredibly satisfying and immensely fruitful. Enjoy these early days, months, and years and don’t forget to give yourself the grace you deserve as you experience the coming wins and losses, successes and learning opportunities. If you’ve just started out, then what we are talking about here will do nothing but overwhelm you and make you feel like you’re not as advanced as you should be (which is not true). Focus on getting your business off the ground, and once you have revenue flowing in this course should be your first purchase.

If you're not quite cash flow positive yet, bookmark this course and come back in a couple of years. It’ll be here when you’re ready.

Is there a payment plan?
No. And that’s on purpose. 

The Alchemy of Money is not for everybody. If you’re struggling to make money and sell houses this isn’t for you. (It might be in a few years, but it’s not for you right now; it’s not for you yet.)

This isn’t a program for lead generation or a course on how to sell. It’s a course on building your wealth. Simply put, if you don’t have $3k to spend on this course, you won’t be able to apply the strategies and tactics it teaches you.

What if I need to cancel? Is there a guarantee?
The Alchemy of Money comes with a 14-day, no-risk refund policy. For your first two weeks in the course, you are free and able to apply for a full, no-questions-asked refund at any time. 

If you start checking out the material and you realize The Alchemy of Money is just not for you – or not for you right now – then no worries. You send us a short email saying, “I need a refund” and we’ll refund you in full, right away. No hard feelings, and no strings attached.


Start your journey to wealth-building success today